Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87: Sometimes It All Comes Together!

Wow! Sometimes everything just comes together and you can actually sit back and relish your accomplishments. Oh, sure, I know that what we're working toward is regularly being satisfied on a deeply personal level with who we are and what we do, but occasionally and even bigger "I did it!" moment does present itself.

Friday was that day. My house looked pretty good. I got my Bible study finished. My kids and I finished cleaning up before 25 people descended upon our little domicile for the afternoon. Once they all left, we had the house in even better shape within 20 minutes! My cousin came in to town for an impromptu visit and my house was company ready for the first time in three years. (Ready, meaning towels laid out for the guest, the bathrooms spotless, food stocked in the pantry, toys away. The only thing I forgot were mints on the pillows.)

Don't get me wrong, by 9:30 a.m. the following morning, the house looked normally disheveled again and has remained that way for the weekend. But for a few brief hours, it was fabulous and witnessed by someone who doesn't live here.

Was it the house that made me feel good? No. Was it the pantry? No. Was it the cooperation of my kids? Mmm... a little. Mostly what felt so good was the validation, from myself, that what I had managed to arrange turned out so well. I was able to clean house, coordinate bus times, have 25 people over for Bible study, clean up again, keep the family fed & to bed on time, put up a surprise guest and grocery shop... and all got done with time to spare! I am so good at beating myself up and not so good at complimenting a job well done. My friends, this was a job well done. Fleeting and imperfect, yes, but oh, so worth it. I am worth validation.

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