Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21: When did she grow to be a beauty...

Well, today is big milestone day for Miss Emma...
Preschool Graduation.

She was so pretty... and had stage frieght. Came running to her daddy to be held. How wonderful to have that security.

Caralyn... had a disapointment.... she asked to be alone. When did she get to big for Momma's kisses and hugs to be good enough to scare away any hurts. She is so amazing and beautiful as well.

It is hard to watch them grow. It is hard to let them go. It makes me depend on my God more as I understand His heart for me! He watches me grow, thru pain and fears, and disapointments. I know HE would love for me to run into His arms for comfort.

I am thinking about spending more time in the arms of my Heavenly Father. I have a feeling the older my kids get, the more I am going to need it!!


Thank you God!

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