Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11: Wow, it has been almost a month..oops!

I have been very introspective this last month. When I get like that, I learn a lot, but don't share much. I guess that is what introspective means right... anyway

I have been really focusing on my self rightous behaviors. The ones that make me feel superior but are in reality soooo not a superior thing to behold.

AM I better than? no... but am I my BEST? Maybe... or becoming my best is probably a better way to describe. We all have to learn thru our stuff. We all have to walk our own way. I love that I have wonderful friends to stop and talk to while I walk. They are most helpful to me as sounding boards and reality checkers! With out them, my introspection could become very lonely.

I have learned this month that I am a good mom, I love reading (this is new for me), I would love to buy a nice camera and become a photographer, and I don't like the way my family eats. I have also learned that others don't learn the way I do, and that is simply okay. I need to ease up a little on my judgements of myself and of others.... and I don't like that I have been that way. I love being married to my husband... and I am thankful more and more everyday for him. I really have it pretty good.

One of my favorite things I learned this month was from my sweet daughter... I will share that tomorrow...

Until then...

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