Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1: Make the Bed

Ok, I'll admit that I have this one down about 98% of the time. Making the bed seems like such a chore, doesn't it? But the bed (at least in my room) is the first thing I see when I walk in and if it's a mess, I tend to be a mess. In addition, my room is supposed to be my sanctuary - my place to just get away from it all. Why would I go sit and collect my thoughts in a place that's messier than my already overworked brain? Making the bed brings an immediate sense of order to my day. Sure the rest of the room needs attention, but that bed is the biggest piece of furniture in there - if it looks good, I'm more inclined to look good, too.

Since I'm admitting things already on this glorious 1st day of the year, I'll tell you that I did a half-baked job on my bed today - it's wrinkled, the quilt is not straight, the pillows are sticking out. But today started out in a hurry to get to Mass and remains busy, even at 7pm. But the attempt was there, and it will be again tomorrow.

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