Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16: A Day Out

It's very difficult for me to get out and away for a few hours each week. One reason is I have so much to do all the time, I feel guilty if I'm not doing something, anything, to catch up or get done. Another reason is that my husband sometimes has to work seemingly endless hours (the joys of being self-employed will likely show up in another post someday) - it's hard to pin down just when a good time might be for me to escape. The finances don't allow for a sitter (and really, having a 14yo boy doesn't allow for a 14yo girl sitter either); though, said 14yo boy is fabulous for holding down the fort while I run to the grocery store. The biggest reason, though, is that I keep ignoring my true need for this and I fail to plan accordingly.

The plain fact of the matter is I need a break. People with paying jobs (theoretically) work 5 days and get 2 off. Teachers get days off. Hairdressers get days off. Nurses and doctors get days off. Even my priest gets a day off here and there (not easy in a parish our size). Good grief, even Jesus took time to get away from the crowds to pray! I must take some time off regularly or I am going to burn out. How in the world can I let my little light shine if my bulb is dim, dusty, covered up by responsibilities, and generally neglected?

I am worth taking some time off.


  1. thank you for that. we're (husband and i) going on our first date in over 2 1/2 years! now i'm not feeling so bad about it, i'm worth it.(so is he!)

  2. Good to hear, Laurie. This is exactly what Joan and I were hoping for by writing out our own journeys this year. We truly hope that each person will be inspired to make changes that will impact your sense of worth for the better.

    I hope you had a good, good time. :)