Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One..Lets get started!

Where do I begin. I know what I want to look like when this is over, but how to get there...
Gotta start somewhere....I think that getting dressed for the day is a great place to start. (here is where I am already getting overwhelmed!) Not just getting dressed... but making myself presentable for the day as if to say "whatever situation I am in.. I am ready for it!" dressed for the day.
As a stay at home mom I am not used to wearing makeup and doing my hair everyday anymore. I don't think that it is necessary for me to look 100 percent all the time.. but that is going to stop now. When did I let go of the thought that I care what I look like? I would never let my kids leave the house in the morning not looking presentable. There are levels to that I am sure according to what your day will entail. Today I am going to clean house, and later this afternoon I am playing photographer for my friend Mary Lou and her fiancee Rick to do pics for their wedding invites and then later I need to go over to my sister Liz's to just now celebrate Christmas. (Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009)

I remember when I was younger I would do the full makeup and hair to go get the mail. I think as a woman who values her worth, today I decide to look nice for me! Would it be appropriate for a before and after pic? (no, no I don't think so!)

This is going to be good.....for me....

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