Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Fifteen: Learning from your babies...

Today I must be cleaning my house. I have a lot of projects that I am starting soon and I need to make have a place for everything and everything in its place kinda day. Somehow these days make me feel I am going to show worth to myself and get it done as I do what I say I am going to do!!!!!!! :)

But that is not really what today's blog is about... it is about realizing that my children have real valuable tools and things that can educate me and make my life better if I humble myself and watch and listen.

Yesterday my sweet Caralyn had a paper that she was typing for her English class. She was feeling overwhelmed as it was taking her a long time to type it. I being of sound mind said "I will help you type it!" After all it is a writing assignment, not a typing one, and the computer is in my room.. so hence if I want to go to bed I need to get her out of there! So I begin typing... she sits with me in silence.. until I have a typo...

"Mom.. you spelled that wrong!" "oops..sorry, I will do a spell check!" "Mom, just right click on the word and then it will give you the correct option."

"huh?" right click... and there it was.. the correct spelling. I never knew that. I was so excited to learn something new. She began to tell me it helps with spelling and grammatical errors. "Really!" How did I not know that? Well she is in school where using a computer is a daily thing.. when I was in school (and yes I did walk uphill both ways in the snow.. okay no snow or hills but I walked to school!) we had a special class for computer... because they only had 10 computers in the whole school. You may remember them, the funky tanish putty colored box like TV type screens that bleeped at you and were featured in the techno movie "War Games" with Matthew Broderick (I know I just dated myself). She is getting to experience things in her early life that I only got to experience in the recent years of in my adult life. I bet she has a ton of things she can teach me. As a woman who has worth I am going to value her knowledge as young as it is.. as she is also a woman of worth! I know that traditionally it is the older woman that teach the younger women but I believe part of instilling worth in her is to value her now as she is understanding that she has worth. Thank you God for my beautiful daughter of worth!

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