Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Three: Sad day today...

On Sunday I didn't post as it was a very sad day. My friend's son is dying. He was 20 years old. I cannot imagine loosing a child.. and this is her only child. I have 4 amazing children.. and the thought of loosing one could be so overwhelming if I allowed myself to ponder. But my grief for this family comes from the very heart of me. Jake was not just any 20 year old... he wasn't dating, or out making bad choices, or sitting at home watching South Park trying to decide what he wanted to do with his life...

Jake was going to run for a government position in his state... as one of the youngest ever to run. He was driven to change the world. He cared about his community... He cared about his family.. and He cared about the Lord. All those things drove him to do something to change the world.

I met Jake when he was around 12ish... We were on a cruise in Hawaii that I and his mother had won for our families through our job. My hubby and I sat with him and talked about politics and religion even then.. HE HAD ME.. I was like "Todd did I just loose a debate about religion to a child?" We still laugh about that. He was soooo intelligent. So full of life. So the center of his mothers world... and now he is not going to be here anymore.

The world is a sad place for today... but I think as a woman of worth it is okay to take time to grieve when it is important. I grieve for Cindy, his momma, and Mark, his daddy... Their loss is one that few can understand. But I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to know this sweet child of yours!

More to come later today...

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  1. Joan, I am so very sorry. My prayers are with you and his family. May our gracious Lord be waiting with open arms for Jake.