Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 12: There Is No Pause Button On This Thing Called Life

Believe me, sisters, I have looked - there is no "pause" button for life. There are also no buttons for rewind, fast forward, skip, or stop. I have plans to discuss this oversight with our Manufacturer. (Did I say oversight? What? You think he had a reason for this? Hmmm...)

Sometimes I just get a little overwhelmed. Sometimes I get a lot overwhelmed. Yesterday, and still some today, I was just wishing I could put all of my responsibilities on pause. I was still mulling over the idea of balance in my life - anyone who knows me in real life can tell you that this has been a theme of mine for awhile - while trying to apply what I'm learning, I've still got to keep going about my days. For a long time I joked that my theme song was the Mission Impossible theme - some days it's truly the most fitting. And while that might seem self-depreciating, I insist that it is not. In Mission Impossible, the good guys do eventually win out and unravel the mysteries just in time to start a new mission. I would like to think my life is going to be that successful in the long run. BUT... most days I feel like I'm trapped in my life and need to pause for a few minutes just to catch my breath.

So yesterday was another day of practice. I am worth practice that leads to better habits.

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