Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Sixteen and Seventeen: I am cranky busy!

I had a wonderful weekend full of love and friends and.. I am cranky!!!! I think all the entertainment has made me tired!

Friday during the day did laundry and detailed the master bath...I got to spend time at a friends Friday night, then Sat morning it was time to use my gift certificate from Christmas for a pedicure and nails... then thrift store shopping with sister.. (I got some awesome stuff!)... then to a bridal show with Mary Lou.. then home to my family... up for church this morning and then coupons coupons coupons and cleaning house (actually got it done for once as my hubby did our bedroom! YEAH!)...

But now I am cranky! I am tired, and cranky. Nothing wonderful to say or inspirational.. just cranky. I am okay with that. Early to bed tonight and I think I will be back to norm... right..




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