Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Fourteen: Thats why He is worthy of my praise!

Thank you to my new friend.. I have learned a new tool in the day to day grind!!!

It is amazing how God works ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR HIS GOOD!!! Let me expound...

I felt lack of worth, God spoke that to me... now I am seeking my worth in Him... and everyday he teaches me new and exciting things about our relationship!!! What I used to say is "well that is good, but I won't get it" or "wow, why didn't I get blessed like that!!"

My friend Denise said to me this phrase "That's why He is worthy of my praise!!" She instructed when there are things that are said to you that are not what God would have you receive, or if you are dealing with a situation that seems like it is doubtful...then you praise God.. you say "GOD..THAT'S WHY YOU ARE WORTHY OF MY PRAISE!" She said that if a friend says things to you like "you used to be this way.." you can respond "that's why He is worthy of my praise!" It keeps you in the presence of God and not in the presence of doubt!

Well, I am a worthy Daughter of the King, and that is why He is worthy of my praise!
Yesterday I was able to acquire a bed frame and an end table for two projects that I SOOOOO want to do and didn't have the money set aside.. That is why He is worthy of my praise!
Today I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.. That is why HE is worthy of my praise!
I am struggling with my worth every minute, and that is why HE is worthy of my PRAISE!
I need to speak worth into my life.. and that is why He is worthy of my praise!

Count it all joy.. for the Joy of the Lord is my strength (you will be hearing these two phrases a lot from now on!)


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