Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Thirteen: The Law of Attraction... day 12 in real life

Yesterday I began a new relationship with a wonderful Godly woman, who came to me out of nowhere!!! Let me explain...

As a stay at home mom you are limited to your social activities with others. There are woman who have children your children's ages and they end up becoming your friends that you and your kids grow up with.

For some reason all my friends from my older children's years have moved away or gotten jobs or are in a different season of life. They are done having kids... and I am still trying for number 5 with a 22 month old at home. So as in every season of life, it is time to make some new friends.

This project has had me asking myself, what kinds of women do I want to be friends with. There are my friends that I have that are simply "hey! how are you" at school friends but I don't hang out with them.. more of acquaintances really... then there are the "Lets do lunch" friends.. that you go to McDonald's with your children while they play and you have adult stimulating conversation about YOUR KIDS! Then there are those woman who when you spend time with them they feed your soul!!! Well I have been asking God for those kinds of friends. They feed your soul, and you feed theirs, and it is mutually giving relationship that that encourages you to be closer to God.

God is quick yet again to answer! I met Denise. She is a mom of 2 after 11 years of infertility, married to a wonderful pastor/dairy man... and is home with her blessings with out a car. She called me for help as someone told her (a "Hey, How are you friend!") that I am a stay at home mom and maybe I could help her out. I was happy to help... but for the first time I prayed about starting a friendship with someone instead of just planning this life long friendship as I readily do in desperation to connect with others outside of the walls in my house.

I love ministry.. don't get me wrong.. I have had many friends that I have lead to the Lord or been effective for God with.. but I am looking for that mutually giving friend remember... so I didn't allow myself to get excited and put myself out there until I met her.

Well, yesterday I met her. Denise is a powerful woman of God, content in her surroundings, real, precious, and needed a friend too. We even prayed together in our first meeting...God is so good!!! And she can cook like no body's business!!!!!!!!! Thursday we have a play date at her home.. for me to get some soul feeding, and for some soul food!!! HE HE!

Thank you God for this wonderful new friend. Because I am treating myself with worth, I will attract worth! That is the law of attraction... or in scripture it is known as the law of multiplication. That which you think and focus on, is what you bring into your life.. it is what multiples in your life.. so if you think about being broken and worthless.. that is the life you will live. I am worth wonderful giving relationships! Thank you God for once again showing me my worth!