Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Five: We have an enemy...

Well, went to bed at 10pm like I promised (okay 10:23pm) but definitely headed in the right direction with it... for sure! (note to self.. have to feed the dog before bed) Others depend on me... I need to be diligent in their care.


I was out like a light.. you know the sleep you long for.. the sleep you know you deserve and you are basking in at that very moment.. and "JOAN.. JOAN.. JOHN IS THROWING UP!" Todd wakes me in a panic. He had stayed up and thank GOD he did.. I was so out I didn't hear my son on the monitor which I always hear my kids. I was OUT.. well, poor baby he threw up all over his bed and himself. Todd did the bath, I did the bed... and I couldn't even begin to sleep after that. I hovered over my son.. just knowing the minute I go to sleep he is going to aspirate or something. I finally say to myself, "John just needs to come and sleep with me, I will feel better".

Let me tell ya, not a good idea when a child is vomiting. I was just going to doze off when I heard the cough.. then I looked.. he had that look...grabbed him up and he let it loose all over me and my blanket. (I was shooting for the blanket.. I can wash or throw away a blanket, not so with the mattress!) Todd got up and did our bed while I got into the bath with John... since I needed it too. *side note.. Thank you Todd for being home! Todd is a fireman and many nights I have been on mommy duty alone! Thank you GOD for Todd being home!

So John and I slept chest to chest in the recliner for the rest of the night. Except John was totally feeling awake! He played with his cars, He walked over to the TV at 3ish AM and put on Qubo! I got another log and tended the fire, then he crawled up on my lap and we sat, Rescue Heroes at 3am.. not fun!

Now it is 7am.. I am up with the others as John is slumbering peacefully. Today I will definitely be napping this afternoon. A woman of worth has to work through the distractions the enemy will throw at her!

Satan, I am putting you on notice... a daughter of the King of Kings will overcome one night of lost sleep!


What are some of the enemies in this process. Well for me there are some that are obvious and some that are not.

John getting sick isn't the enemy, Satan is! Being with my son when he is sick is exactly where I want to be. I want to bring comfort to my children the way my mother brought me comfort when I was sick. It is my privilege and my job and I wouldn't trade that for the world! That being said...

Procrastination.. BIG ENEMY.. so obvious... more on that one later.. maybe tomorrow.. he he.

Self Doubt.. Yep that one not so obvious. The way you talk to yourself no one else can hear. I am a great self talker. I actually have enjoyed some of my conversations with myself, but a lot of the time they take a road I would rather close for repairs.
I have worth and the hard thing with knowing that to be true is feeling it. I believe as a woman of worth today, I will say nice things to myself and believe them.. (sleep deprived and all)

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  1. Aw, Joan, poor John and poor you! I'm praying you'll both get much needed rest today.

    Self-talk is a doozy for me, too. Thanks for bringing this up today. I've got a typesetting/writing project to do and I think the voices in my head started me-bashing already. :) Time to nip that in the bud.

    Be well, my friend.