Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6: Perserverance

Today has been the usual kind of busy. I had a writing project due for work, schooling to do with the kids, a little housekeeping and cleanup from Christmas, and so on. For some reason I was just so tired and now, at the end of the day, I'm feeling more run down than usual and suspect I may have a cold. I'll be brief:

It's quite alright that I did not get everything done today that I had hoped to do (even playing the piano didn't happen). I can be satisfied with what I did manage to do because I just kept chipping away. A little effort here, a little attention there. It's ok to just be human. I'm not SuperWoman and certainly do not aspire to be one (that kind of super human effort is unsustainable for a mere mortal like me). However, I remembered today that admitting my imperfect humanity is exactly what I need to do. I can proudly say I stuck it out today and managed to accomplish quite a bit. I can also see that even with scaled back effort, chipping away at my tasks today paid off. I am worth being gentle to myself, especially when feeling under the weather. Instead of feeling frazzled and upset all day, I gave myself permission to just do a little bit and see how I felt as I went along.

I bid you all good night. I'm taking Joan's advice and turning in early this evening. A nice bath (because I'm worth a little pampering), a chapter of my book, and then lights out.

Question: Do you give yourself permission to be satisfied with small accomplishments? Do you recognize when those small feats are accomplished under more trying circumstances than usual?

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