Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 15: Quality Counts

As a "recovering" perfectionist, I have been known to say that "any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time... or at least good enough." That good enough part is always an afterthought and painful to say, however, it's necessary for most endeavors. While I do not suggest that all standards and ideals be thrown out, I do suggest no person should be a slave to perfection - there are some standards and ideals that are simply unattainable or unsustainable and I, for one, am not willing to sacrifice my happiness anymore chasing after them.

Remember how I said that I'm worth some cute pajamas? Well... I'm worth the best quality clothing I can afford, too. I love to find a good deal at the thrift store, so I am certainly still not saying that looking good has to have a high price tag. It is worth the effort to find out what brands stand up to the wear and tear of my life and then be on the lookout for a good deal on them. I am not a Neimann Marcus kind of girl, but I still want to look good - looking good is a relative standard that is worth figuring out.
As I drove to an annual open house event for work yesterday, I was thinking that I'd like to do some shopping soon. I happened to be wearing a new outfit I received for Christmas - I felt attractive and up to date. I also must tell that my outfit did not break the Bank of Mom, either - we hit some very good pre-Christmas sales. After trying on a bunch of clothes, I now have a better idea of what's current and looks nice on me; I'll be watching for sales, deals, and steals.

By the way, I got some very encouraging compliments on my outfit - for those who really want to know, you'll be shocked to learn my top was not the typical navy blue, as pictured above. It was red and screamed "look at me!"


  1. Woohoo for red!

    I almost regret buying those new pyjamas now:) That started the whole process of me trying to look good and going on a diet. Those new pyjamas no longer fit!! I've lost a lot of weight now (25lbs since Sophia was born) but I still have a way to go, so I guess I'm staying in my now ill fitting pyjama's so I don't have to buy a new set at each size I pass!!

  2. Awesome!! You've dropped 25lbs already? That is fabulous!