Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30: Day in the life of trust...

Struggling today in waiting on God. I mentioned earlier in the year my hubby and I are trying to conceive.

I have 4 amazing children. I am blessed beyond measure.. but God told me I would have another child. I am not very good at waiting.

Lets be honest.. when I get an idea in my head I want it now...

But God's timing is perfect. It is hard not to get discouraged. I just want to trust him. I just need to trust him... but I am late. I am 6 days late.. and no positive pregnancy test.

I have to walk away from trying to conceive. But as my friend Lucy says "knowledge can be a burden". In this case I think it is. I have been reading up on conception and charting and natural family planning. I am more confused now then I have ever been.

I am laying this at your feet Lord. Take this from me... make it yours. Your glory, Your power, YOUR timing.

I love you Lord.



  1. I'll pray about this Joan.That you can relax and be confident that God can carry the ball across the goal line. You are worth it! You know a funny thing happened to me at our Women's Prayer Group last night. My MS was prayed for and I felt so conflicted about it because "Shut Up!" there are so many other more important things to pray for ladies, not me!? Driving home I thought of your blog and how silly it was for me to feel that way. If I'm not worthy of prayer then what...

  2. You are worthy of prayer... I love you for thinking of me! :) I thank God he can use this for his purpose and if all I ever do with this is show you that you are worthy of prayer, then THAT IS WHY GOD IS WORTHY OF MY PRAISE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I adore you Lisa!!! :)

  3. Try to focus on one good source of information about conception and natural family planning, so as to decrease your confusion.


    I'm certified as an instructor in this method and will be glad to be of assistance if you have questions.

    Take care.
    Batrice Adcock, MSN, RN

  4. Thank You Batrice.. I will check into it.