Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Ten: There is nagging and then there is...

Correction. Just like I am a child of my parents, I am a child of God and I need correction every now and then. Not so much on the big things... more of the little things. I always thought of myself as someone who takes correction well...maybe.. okay maybe not... it just depends on my mood right? The hard part is WHO gives the correction.

When a friend comes to me, I am totally on it with my reaction right? Okay.. mostly right, as I am sure I don't become rude to them or throw a fit or anything...But when my husband brings me correction.. ITS ON!

Today I drove home from church. Todd usually drives when we are together, it has just always been that way. I can expect him to comment on how I use the brakes, or something to me that is trivial in comparison to all the wonderful things I bring to his daily life!!! It is so annoying to have him nag me when I is like having my father in the seat next to me! Maybe I should think of it as having my Heavenly Father next to me as I am to treat my husband as the "church loves Christ".

I don't know if I have been willing to take his correction until now. Maybe looking at this from a worth stand point... I married him because I love him, and I should value his opinion (as much as it may sound like nagging) instead of being coarse in receiving it. As a woman of worth I am going to listen to the words of my husband as a gift and take a minute before I disregard them. I know this is a hard one to swallow.. but it is what God is showing me today. I believe he is a man of worth, so I will treat him as such! (boy what have I gotten myself into with this! lol.. this is not going to be an overnight change I can tell you that!)


  1. Good luck! My husband is absolutely dreadful at commenting on my driving, and I have to say that most of it is unwarranted.

    I don't think that is one change I can commit to make just yet :)

  2. he he... Like I said this is not an overnight change. :)