Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22: Water, Water Everywhere

It's been raining since Monday. Let's just say that 2+ inches of rain in the Valley of the Sun all at once is reason enough to know that ark building, as a hobby, might be beneficial. The flooding has been unbelievable. And all this water everywhere reminds me of something very simple.

We need to drink enough water. Water makes up most of our bodies. Water flushes the body of salts (and salt makes us retain water and look puffy - ew!) and other toxins. Water rejuvenates our skin. In short, we need water to function.

I'm worth a nice detox, less puffiness, and a nice glow. If water can do that for me better than the latest $25 wrinkle cream, a $400 botox treatment and a nice little lipo treatment, well... I think I'll go for the water. I am worth eight 8oz glasses of water to feel a lot better inside and out.

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