Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: This Is Harder Than It Looks

That about sums up my thoughts today. Life, in general, is harder than it looks. Grocery shopping to stretch each dollar is harder than it looks. Getting through the day despite minimal energy, tired patience, and sub-par health is harder than it looks. Today was really a continuation of yesterday, in terms of worth.

Today still had to be lived. While I'm not so sure I lived it well, I can say I lived it good enough. Thinking back over the last week, I can say that even on a sub-par day plenty happened right. The bed got made. I got dressed and did my hair and makeup (thought of you, Joan, as I powdered puffed). I made my grocery list, clipped my coupons and shopped the best I could even though I really didn't have much energy to go. I spent an hour chatting out front with my neighborhood friend while some of our kids played (not the piano, but it made me happy). I'm about give myself the gift of an early bedtime. There was plenty of time that still could have been better spent, but this worth business is not about being perfect at every moment. This is about making real change. Real changes take time to take root and truly become part of our everyday habits.

I am worth taking the time to make changes, however long that takes. A new idea might come everyday, but to convert it into my everyday life will sometimes take longer. So I consider today a day of practice.

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  1. Amen sister!!!!!! I know that feeling... I will powder puff and pray for you today as I do! LOL
    Love you sister!